Dale Pinnock is a medicinal cookery ‘expert’, who you may have seen on TV recently, he is getting a great deal of media attention due to his unique work in the area of ‘medicinal cookery’. He is regularly sought after for his detailed in-depth knowledge of the fields of nutrition and herbal medicine.

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Online shop
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript


The Brief

  • Dale Pinnock was in need of a new logo to represent the identity of his business.
  • Dale Pinnock was in need of re-design of his website, which his fans and followers could visit to find out more information and useful tips.
  • He needed to be able to add recipes and blog posts, which his fans could read and interact with him.
  • Dale Pinnock has also written a number of books, and he wanted to be able to sell these directly from his website.

What we did

  • Designed a new fresh logo to make the name of Dale Pinnock more unique
  • We created an appealing and easy-to-use website, which would make it easy for users to find recipes or other items.
  • Used WordPress to enable him to be able to add new recipes onto his website and blog posts.
  • Incorporated a WordPress shop plugin which would allow him to be able to sell his products online.


  • Appealing logo and website which both Dale Pinnock and we could be proud of.
  • Easy-to-update website, which would help Dale Pinnock to create his website fresh and appealing.